January Tips

We had a few warm days recently, and some of my bulbs got the foolish idea that spring was near.
Probably not a good idea since more icy weather is almost sure to come.
Add a little compostĀ and a thick layer of mulch to protect the tender new growth.
This is an excellent use for the branches of your discarded Christmas trees.

In the event of snow, be sure to shake or brush off the white stuff from the branches
of your evergreens and shrubs. The light fluffy snow poses no real threat,
but if it should become wet and frozen, the weight dramatically increases.
Branches are more brittle when the plants are dormant, and the weight of the snow may snap them off.

Dormant spraying of fruit trees, Cotoneaster, Dogwoods, etc. should be done this month.

It’s a good time to prune most of your deciduous trees and shrubs.

Forsythia, Jasmine, Pussy Willow and Quince sprays can be cut and brought into the house now for forcing.
The warmth in the home will bring some early bloom to your room.

Fireplace ashes should be saved to use a fertilizer for your Iris and other alkaline soil plants.

If the ground is workable at all (not frozen and not too wet), now is an excellent time to turn the soil.
Not only will this expose insect eggs to the effects of winter and hungry birds,
the freezing will help to break apart heavy clods of dirt.

Don’t forget about caring for your house plants!