Check Out What’s Growing Up!

We’ve got some beauties growing up in our greenhouses.  Listed below are the plants and varieties we’ll have available.  Click on the plants to see what they look like and how to care for them.  Now is the time to get excited and get inspired to plant your garden!

Aconitum Fischeri “Monkshood”

Adenophara ‘Gaudi Violet’ “Fairybells”

Agastache “Mexican Hyssop”

  • ‘Black Adder’
  • ‘Little Adder’
  • ‘Crazy Fortune’
  • ‘Poquito Orange’
  • ‘Sunny Sparks Orange’
  • ‘Sunrise Red’

Alcea “Hollyhock”

  • ‘Fig Leaf’
  • Halo series ‘Cerise’
  • Halo series ‘Lavendar’
  • ‘Las Vegas’

Alchemilla auslese “Lady’s Mantle”


  • ‘Lavender Bubbles’
  • ‘Millennium’
  • ‘Summer Beauty’

Alchillea “Yarrow”

  • ‘Little Moonshine’
  • ‘Sassy Summer Sangria’
  • ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’
  • ‘Sassy Summer Taffy’

Alyssum ‘Golden Spring’

Antennaria plantaginifolia “Pussy Toes”

Aruncus ‘Fairy Hair’ “Goat’s Beard”

Anthemis ‘Charme’ “Dwarf Marguarite Daisy”

Aremeria ‘Rubrifolia’ “Sea Thrift”

Aralia ‘Sun King’ “Spikenard”

Anemone “Windflower”

  • ‘Honorine Jobert’
  • ‘Dainty Swan’
  • ‘Lady Maria’
  • ‘Lady Diana’
  • ‘Lady Emily’
  • ‘Lady Julia’


  • ‘Grape Crush’
  • ‘Purple Dome’
  • tataricus ‘Jindai’
  • ‘White Woods’
  • ‘Vibrant Dome’

Astilbe “hybrids”

  • Amber Moon
  • Bridal Veil
  • Delft Lace
  • Mighty Chocolate Cherry
  • Nemo
  • Ostrich Plume
  • Rheinland Chocolate
  • Shogun
  • Younique Carmine
  • Younique Ruby Red
  • Younique Silvery Pink

Astilbe chinensis

  • Little Visions Pink
  • Little Visions Purple
  • Purple Candles
  • Visions in Red

Astilbe japonica

  • Montgomery Red Sentinel


  • “Siberian Bugloss”
  • Jack Frost
  • Proven Winners Queen of Hearts
  • Alexander the Great Alexandria

Calamintha nepeta 

Callirhoe “Wine cups” 

Centaurea “Mountain Bluet”

Amethyst Dream Amethyst in Snow

Chrysogonum “Green & Gold” Pierre NATIVE

Ceratastostigma “Leadwort” “Plumbago”

Chelone “Turtlehead” Pink Temptation

Convallaria “Lily of the Valley”





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