Annuals Growing Up!

We have some beauties growing up in our greenhouses.  Listed below are the plants and varieties we’ll have available.  Now is the time to get excited and get inspired to plant your garden!


We’re counting down and adding more varieties every day until Spring!

Angelonia “Summer Snapdragon”

  • Blue, White, Wedgewood Blue, Perfectly Pink
    Serena Puple, Serena White

Begonia, Non-stop

  • Appleblossom, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, Mocca Orange, Mocca Yellow

Begonia, Assorted

  • Bossa Nova ‘Red’, Bossa Nova ‘White’, Bossa Nova ‘Yellow’
  • Dragon Wing ‘Red’, Dragon Wing ‘Pink’
  • Illumination ‘Golden Picotte’, Illumination ‘White’
  • Santa Cruz ‘Sunset’

Bracteantha “Strawflower”

  • Mohave Dark Red
  • Mohave Yellow
  • Mohave Orange


  • Endless Flirtation
  • Endless Illumination


  • Terra Nova, Apple Brandy, Lime Time, Dipt in Wine, Golden Dreams, Wicked Witch, Wicked Hot, Pineapple Brandy,  Velveteen
  • Under the Sea Pink Reef, Kiwi Fern, Stained Glassworks Royalty, Chartres Street, Burgundy Wedding Train
  • Terra Nova ‘Electric Slide’, Royalty Red, Under the Sea Red Coral, Peter’s Wonder, Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue

Impatiens, New Guinea

  • Salmon, Orange, Light Purple, Pink, Deep Pink
    Fire Red, White

Sun Impatiens Tropical Series

  • Salmon, White, Orange, Rose

Sun Impatiens Compact Series

  • Fire Red, White, Royal Magenta, Deep Rose, Orange, Purple


  • Citrus Blend, Orange Marmalade, Samantha, Golden Gate
    Bandana Red Improved, Royal Red Zone
  • Bandana Cherry Sunrise, Pink Berry blend, New Gold, Bandana White
    Royale Cosmo & Grapeolicious

Pelargonium “Geranium”

  • Rocky Mountain Light Pink, Rocky Mountain Salmon
  • Tango Hot Pink, Tango Orange, Tango Dark Red, Tango Neon Purple, Tango Velvet Red, Tango White
  • Fancy Leaf ‘Vancouver Centennial’, Fancy Leaf ‘Mrs. Pollack’, Fancy Leaf ‘Wilhelm Langguth’, Fancy Leaf ‘Occold Shield’
  • Scented ‘Citronella’

Penta “Butterfly Plant”

  • Falling Star
  • Lucky Star Series
  • Grafitti Series
  • Sunstar Series

Zinnia “Profusion Series”

  • Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Sunrise Mix, Double Fire

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