Annuals Growing Up!

Listed below are the plants and varieties we grow in our greenhouses. Please call for availability.  


Angelonia “Summer Snapdragon”

  • Blue, White, Wedgewood Blue, Perfectly Pink
    Serena Purple, Serena White


  • ‘Snowstorm Globe’, ‘Snowstorm Blue’, ‘Snowstorm Pink’

Begonia, Non-stop

  • Appleblossom, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, Mocca Orange, Mocca Yellow

Begonia, Assorted

  • Bossa Nova ‘Red’, Bossa Nova ‘White’, Bossa Nova ‘Yellow’
  • Dragon Wing ‘Red’, Dragon Wing ‘Pink’
  • Illumination ‘Golden Picotte’, Illumination ‘White’
  • Santa Cruz ‘Sunset’

Bracteantha “Strawflower”

  • Mohave Dark Red
  • Mohave Yellow
  • Mohave Orange


  • Endless Flirtation
  • Endless Illumination

Calibrachoa “Superbells”

  • Cardinal Star, Evening Star, Morning Star
  • Coral Sun, Lemon Slice, Tropical Sunrise
  • Holy Smoke, Holy Cow, Holy Moly
  • Solid Red, Solid White, Solid Yellow, Solid Pink, Miss Lilac
  • Grape Punch, Tangerine Punch, Strawberry Punch, Black Currant Punch, Blue Moon Punch

Calibrachoa Double “Superbells”

  • Chiffon, Loveswept
  • Ruby, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, White


  • ‘Kelos Fire Magenta’, ‘Kelos Orange’


  • Terra Nova, Apple Brandy, Lime Time, Dipt in Wine, Golden Dreams, Wicked Witch, Wicked Hot, Pineapple Brandy,  Velveteen
  • Under the Sea Pink Reef, Kiwi Fern, Stained Glassworks Royalty, Chartres Street, Burgundy Wedding Train
  • Terra Nova ‘Electric Slide’, Royalty Red, Under the Sea Red Coral, Peter’s Wonder, Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, Solar Flare

Cuphea ‘Vermillionaire’ “Firecracker Plant”

  • ‘Funny Face’
  • ‘Floriglory Diana’ “Mexican Heather”
  • ‘Lavender Lace’ “Mexican Heather”
  •  ‘Tricolor’

Dichondra “Silver Falls”

Didelta ‘Silver Strands’


  • ‘Large Violet’, Yellow/Red

Impatiens, New Guinea

  • Salmon, Orange, Light Purple, Pink, Deep Pink
    Fire Red, White

Sun Impatiens Tropical Series

  • Salmon, White, Orange, Rose

Sun Impatiens Compact Series

  • Fire Red, White, Royal Magenta, Deep Rose, Orange, Purple

Ipomea “Sweet Potato Vine”

  • ‘Margarita’, ‘Sweet Sweetheart Red’, ‘Sweet Caroline Jet Black’,


  • Citrus Blend, Orange Marmalade, Samantha, Golden Gate
    Bandana Red Improved, Royal Red Zone
  • Bandana Cherry Sunrise, Pink Berry blend, New Gold, Bandana White
    Royale Cosmo & Grapeolicious


  • ‘Waikiki Sunset’, ‘Sunburst’

Mecardonia ‘Gold Dust’

Oxalis ‘Burgundy Gold’

Petunia ‘Glamouflage Grape’


  • ‘Lion Blue’, ‘Lion Pink’

Pelargonium “Geranium”

  • Rocky Mountain Light Pink, Rocky Mountain Salmon
  • Tango Hot Pink, Tango Orange, Tango Dark Red, Tango Neon Purple, Tango Velvet Red, Tango White
  • Fancy Leaf ‘Vancouver Centennial’, Fancy Leaf ‘Mrs. Pollack’, Fancy Leaf ‘Wilhelm Langguth’, Fancy Leaf ‘Occold Shield’
  • Scented ‘Citronella’

Penta “Butterfly Plant”

  • Falling Star
  • Lucky Star Dark Red, Lucky Star Deep Pink
  • Grafitti Ruby, Grafitti Flirty Pink
  • Sunstar Pink, Sunstar Rose

Petunia Supertunia

  • ‘Blue Skies’, ‘Bordeaux’, ‘Royal Velvet’, ‘Trailing Blue Veined’

Phlox intensia

  • ‘Red’, ‘Blueberry’


  • ‘Mohave Fuchsia’, ‘Mohave Pink’, ‘Movhave Tangerine’, ‘Mohave Red’, ‘Mohave Yellow’, ‘Double Guava’, ‘Double Mango’, ‘Double Rum Punch’, ‘Mezoo Trailing Red’


  • ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Rockin Delicious’, ‘Rockin Fuchsia’, ‘Rockin Playing The Blues’

Sanvitalia “Creeping Zinnia”

  • ‘Sunbini’

Scaveola “Fan Flower”

  • ‘Whirlwind Blue’, ‘Whirlwind Pink’, ‘Whirlwind White’

Setcreasea ’Purple’

Torenia “Wishbone Flower”

  • ‘Amethyst’, ‘Gilded Grape’, ‘Grapeolicious’, ‘Large Blue’, ‘Large Violet’, ‘Midnight Blue’, ‘White Linen’

Zinnia “Profusion Series”

  • Cherry, Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Sunrise Mix, Double Fire

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