Raymond’s Shady Ladies On Wheels

Custom Container Service

Brenda & Kay, “The Shady Ladies” of Raymond’s Garden Center, are going mobile!  They are offering to swing by your home or business and plant your containers for you. They can work with your existing containers or recommend a new one if you’re looking for a change. 

Container gardens makes gardening a fun and easy way to welcome in each coming season. Purchase a new container or use an existing one. We can work with you to accommodate your sunlight, color and plant preferences to design and install the perfect mix to suit your style!

What We Do

✔️ Porch Pots

✔️ Pot Inserts

✔️ Window Boxes

✔️ Seasonal Containers

Where We Go

✔️ Your home

✔️ Your business

✔️ All over Henderson County!


    Interested in The Shady Ladies traveling to your home or business to design & plant your containers? Send us an email at raymondsgardencenter@gmail.com and we will be in touch to discuss your needs and pricing options.